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The Miss Globe 2023: A Celebration of Beauty and Culture at Diamma Resort


The Miss Globe Beauty Pageant, a prestigious international event, has a rich history that dates back to its formation by the Deliart Association in 1995. Recognized by the district court in Tirana, Albania, the association has been instrumental in organizing a wide range of cultural activities, including beauty contests, fashion shows, and more. The Miss Globe has become a significant event in the world of beauty pageants, showcasing the values of beauty, culture, history, and hospitality.

The pageant first took place in Albania in 2004 at the 3000-year-old Durres Amphitheater. Over the years, it has been hosted in various locations, including Tirana, Butrint, and Saranda, each time crowning a new Miss Globe from different countries. The event has been a platform for promoting Albanian culture and values on the global stage.

Drita Ziri – Miss Globe 2023 Host

For the 2023 edition, The Miss Globe has an exciting program lined up, prepared by the Deliart Association. This year, Diamma Resort, a luxurious 5-star hotel located in Durres, is proud to be a main sponsor of The Miss Globe 2023 Beauty Pageant. The resort, known for its world-class service and elegant facilities, will play a pivotal role in hosting the contestants and various pageant activities.

Diamma Resort, with its stunning location by the Adriatic Sea, provides the perfect backdrop for this glamorous event. The resort’s amenities, including a private beach area, indoor swimming pool, spa and wellness center, and exquisite dining options, will ensure a comfortable and luxurious experience for all participants and guests.

The Miss Globe 2023 at Diamma Resort is not just a beauty pageant; it’s a celebration of cultural diversity, beauty, and the spirit of hospitality. It’s an opportunity for contestants from around the world to showcase their talents, share their cultures, and experience the rich heritage of Albania. The event promises to be a memorable one, filled with glamour, elegance, and cultural exchange.

For more details on the program and activities of The Miss Globe 2023, please visit The Miss Globe Official Website. Join us at Diamma Resort for an unforgettable experience as we celebrate beauty, culture, and international friendship.

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  • Ara
    14:14 19.11.2023

    Genuinely happy being able to see the beauties of miss Globe at Diamma resort during my stay!

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