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Live Music with Angela at Patrea, Diamma Resort


Imagine this – a balmy summer night under a canopy of twinkling stars, bathed in soft, atmospheric lights. You’re surrounded by the aromatic essence of gourmet cuisine and the intoxicating rhythm of live music. This sublime sensory journey could be yours this Friday, July 15th, at the elegant Patrea Restaurant, a part of the exquisite Diamma Resort.

Our stage will welcome two spectacular talents: Angela and Renato Isufi, with a special performance. Known for their soulful melodies, their music will provide the perfect soundtrack to your dinner, enhancing the dining experience and turning it into a memorable affair. Join us at 20:00 for an enchanting evening that combines gastronomy with musical excellence.

We guarantee you a night filled with fine dining, mesmerizing music, and an ambiance that’s undeniably magical. Reserve your table now to ensure the best seats. Don’t miss out on this unique night out, showcasing some of the finest talents at one of the most beautiful locations. Step into the magic of live music at Patrea, Diamma Resort this Friday!

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